Alcoholism is one of modern society’s greatest problems. It has been, is and will continue to be an immense issue for the entire world. Families have been ruined because of it, relationships have been broken, lives have been taken… There are several causes for one to become an alcoholic and most of them are some really bad situations, however, one should not obey his or her negative emotions and let them overcome their right mind. It is not a thing to be taken lightly, because the difference between alcohol and heroin is very slight. Both of them cause mental instability, loosen the nerves, make the person feel better with himself/herself. They both are a type of drugs and as such they really do more harm than favour to your body, soul and social life.

No matter what you might think, alcohol is not what makes the night alright. It is not the reason behind all your friendships and/or relationships. People do not laugh with you, but at you. Alcohol loosens your mind and you often start doing things you would never do when sober. It is one of the main effects. No, we do not talk about the daily glass of red wine or a couple of beers at the evening while watching the derby. We are talking about a condition where you are unable to get through the day without having a drink.

There is also the calming, relaxing effect of this substance. However, it is not a solution to your love life’s problems, or the financial ones. The only solution to these is you yourself and no one or nothing else. Problems come and go, there is no way you will mend what has been broken by giving up and surrendering to the power of the absinthe fairy or something of the kind. You should take you life in your own hands and not be passive. After all, there is nothing that cannot be either forgiven or forgotten. Just think about it.

So how should you proceed after admitting to have a problem? Although there are several opinions on the matter, when you have decided that you really have a problem, the first step for you is to consult with a specialist. The next decision is how to think about the action you’re taking. It is up to every individual case if the person should entirely give up or just cut down on the alcohol intake. The right way to do it is to think positively about every decision you make. Take a rest and quit drinking, but for only a month. Just so you can taste the feeling of being sober. This is the right way to do it, because often people feel too obligated when they are told to quit forever and just can’t do it. It’s based on the psychology of the unconscious and is something that one cannot ignore. You can also try resting from alcohol for a few days at a time and then “rewarding” yourself with a party. But you should be very strict about being sober for at least a couple of days.